INEE Country Focal Points

INEE Country Focal Points (CFPs) are key reference persons at country level, tasked to support networking and communication, particularly through the facilitation of information exchange among INEE members. Read more about these roles in the Terms of Reference document. CFPs have a wide range of backgrounds and areas of expertise, and have demonstrated a commitment to education in emergencies work, and to promoting the values, priorities, and activities of INEE. CFPs represent the geographic and linguistic diversity of the broader network.

Ways to engage with the CFPs

INEE Country Focal Points play a crucial role in building and nurturing relationships between INEE members in their country, and they implement specific activities to this end: 

  • Convene meetings of the national membership (e.g. Meet-Ups).
  • Promote new INEE membership in the country.
  • Build linkages and support communication between INEE members in country.
  • Contribute resources, news, and other country information for global INEE newsletters and other communication platforms, network spaces, and resources.

We encourage INEE members to contact their country focal points to: 

  1. Submit questions you may have on ways to engage as an INEE member; 
  2. Share country and regional-level EiE resources, tools, events, and other information, so it can be disseminated both in country and to the broader network;
  3. Suggest ideas for thematic, country, regional, and/or audience-specific webinars or discussions you would like INEE to organize. (Be ready to volunteer!)
  4. Send thoughts and ideas for how the INEE Country Focal Point could engage with existing INEE members and recruit new members at the country level. 

If there isn’t yet an INEE Country Focal Point in your country, we encourage you to reach out to CFPs operating in your language and/or region. Also, please don't hesitate to contact with any queries, suggestions, and other thoughts!

About the INEE Country Focal Point initiative

The initiative started off as a 6-month pilot phase in February 2021. In July 2021, an internal evaluation of the initiative was conducted, which led to the extension of the terms of 11 CFPs for another six months through February 2022. In February 2022, 17 CFPs were selected for year-long terms through February 2023, which were extended for an additional year until February 2024. In March 2024, 32 CFPs were selected to make up the current cohort.

INEE CFP selection criteria: The selection committee, composed of INEE Secretariat staff, reviews all applications, and weighs them against several criteria and considerations, both on an individual level and as an incoming cohort. These include geographic and linguistic representation, type of EiE context, operational reach (local, national, regional), areas of expertise, gender balance, and more. CFPs represent a wide range of backgrounds, geography, languages, and areas of expertise, and demonstrate a strong commitment to education in emergencies work, and to promoting the values, priorities, and activities of INEE.