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Education in Emergencies practices in Bangladesh

18 September 2021, 1:00am - 2:03am

The Bangladesh education system is ill-prepared to meet the challenges presented by the country’s persistent natural hazards. Schools also often have limited awareness of disaster and climate change risks and lack the capacity to prepare and respond to disasters. However, Bangladesh has seen implementation of numerous Education in Emergencies interventions throughout the last two and half decades. In this webinar, Bangladeshi EiE practitioners will present some of these successful interventions.

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INEE Meet-Ups - October 2021

1 — 15 October 2021

INEE Meet-Ups are informal gatherings in all corners of the globe where INEE members and others can network, share experiences, and discuss relevant topics. All people and all themes are welcome! This is a fantastic opportunity for getting to know other INEE members and fellow colleagues on both a personal and professional level.