INEE Help Desk

ImageAvailable to all INEE members, the Help Desk is a tool for providing rapid and specific technical support on education in emergencies. The Help Desk is designed to respond to your questions about EiE tools and resources, as well as facilitating capacity development. Every request submitted to the Help Desk is responded to in a timely manner by the Help Desk operator. Requests may be submitted in English, Arabic, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Submit a Help Desk request

The Help Desk can support members in the following ways (the below are examples and not an exhaustive list): 

  • Facilitating access to relevant EiE tools and guidance in English and non-English languages 
  • Presenting on INEE and relevant tools, including the Help Desk, to Clusters/ Sectors/EiE Working Groups 
  • Orienting or training Clusters/ Sectors/EiE Working Groups on the INEE Minimum Standards, if capacity permits 
  • Requesting support with the the contextualization process of the INEE Minimum Standards
  • Inputting into development of strategies and new tools and resources 
  • Share INEE-vetted training materials in the INEE working languages for adaptation, translation, and contextualization 
  • Facilitating referral to self-identified trainers of the INEE Minimum Standards and Teachers in Crisis Contexts Pack (TiCC) for support in an EiE response

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can the INEE Help Desk support my work in education in emergencies (EiE)?

The INEE Help Desk  responds to the technical needs of education in emergencies (EiE) practitioners, including the use and application of inter-agency tools, guidance, and capacity development, in line with one of INEE’s strategic priorities: to strengthen the technical capacity of EiE practitioners.

Which languages can I send a request in? How long do I need to wait for a response?

Inquiries sent to the Help Desk in English, Arabic, Spanish, French, and Portuguese are welcome! We aim to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

How do the INEE and Global Education Cluster (GEC) Help Desks differ? 

The GEC Help Desk provides remote support to education cluster teams with coordination and information management activities, including humanitarian response planning and cluster strategy development. The INEE Help Desk supports the technical work of EiE practitioners (from field level staff to education authorities) centered on INEE tools and guidance, as well as capacity development opportunities to support their application of INEE tools. The two Help Desks refer requests between one another as needed and regularly share information and lessons learned.

How is the INEE Help Desk different from the INEE Community of Practice (CoP)? 

INEE has launched a CoP, a platform for INEE members to network and engage directly in discussions on EiE, moderated by EiE practitioners working globally. Meanwhile, the Help Desk is managed by a help desk operator and provides personalized responses to your EiE questions. Based on your request, the Help Desk operator may connect you to the CoP coordinator to orient you to join a relevant CoP channel.