INEE Help Desk


Available to all INEE members, the Help Desk is a tool for providing technical support. The Help Desk is designed to respond to your questions about INEE, EiE tools and resources, learning and development opportunities, the INEE website, and more. Requests may be submitted in English, Arabic, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. 

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How do the INEE and Global Education Cluster (GEC) Help Desks differ? 

The GEC Help Desk provides remote support to education cluster teams with coordination and information management activities, including humanitarian response planning and cluster strategy development. The INEE Help Desk supports INEE members and EiE practitioners (from field-level staff to education authorities) centered on general INEE inquiries, tools and guidance, and professional development opportunities. The two Help Desks refer requests between one another as needed and regularly share information and lessons learned.