About INEE


INEE is supported by its membership including funding and in-kind contributions from a wide array of partners, including governments, funds, foundations, and partner organizations.

Current Funding support

INEE would like to thank all those who have contributed to the network, in particular, the following organizations which are currently supporting INEE: 

Education Cannot Wait (ECW)

ECW LogoAs the world’s only fund dedicated exclusively to EiE, ECW is a key strategic partner for INEE. In pursuit of the goals it set out in its 2023-26 Strategic Plan, ECW has set aside a small portion of its Acceleration Facility to support key EiE global actors that support EiE action around the world. In 2023, INEE became the first to receive a grant through this modality. This grant supports INEE’s work and results holistically and will help INEE strengthen and expand its technical platforms, programmes, and services to better support the sector, promote the contextualization, uptake, and use of the INEE Minimum Standards for Education, and expand INEE’s overall reach and impact.


European Commission Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO)

EU logoECHO is a leading partner in support of INEE’s accelerated education efforts. Through its support, INEE is able to make significant progress in the areas of convening stakeholders, including Ministries of Education and funders, sharing technical capacities, particularly related to teachers, and supporting regional and national actors in planning and implementing accelerated education programs. This holistic support for INEE’s accelerated education work grants INEE the flexibility to respond to all its members’ needs in this area and facilitate learning and exchange within and between regions.


UK Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO)

FCDO logoAs a committed leader in the area of research and evidence, FCDO launched the Education Research in Conflict and Protracted Crises (ERICC) initiative. Through this initiative, and consistent with its commitment to promote the curation, uptake, and use of evidence in EiE work, INEE is partnering with FCDO on the dissemination and uptake of research produced through ERiCC and other research initiatives. FCDO’s support enables INEE to broaden its data and evidence work and support members’ EiE policy and program initiatives.


Global Affairs Canada (GAC)

GAC LogoGlobal Affairs Canada’s partnership enables INEE to significantly expand its footprint in EiE data and evidence. With GAC’s support, INEE is building on past data and evidence progress and deepening its strategic approach to this area. INEE is also building the EiE evidence base and fostering greater uptake and use of relevant and current evidence in EiE policy, advocacy, programs, and other interventions. This work contributes to GAC’s Together for Learning campaign’s “Building the Evidence Base” key area of work. Another key part of this work is the centrality of gender, allowing INEE to continue to engage on this critical aspect of EiE.


Luminos Fund

Luminos logoLuminos Fund is partnering with INEE to support INEE’s accelerated education work. With Luminos Fund’s Support, INEE is pursuing five interconnected and mutually reinforcing areas of focus, namely greater inclusion of AE programs by more governments in education plans & policies, strengthening the AE evidence base, improving the quality of AE programs in diverse contexts through the dissemination of AEWG-developed resources, better resourcing of AE by all stakeholders for both scale and quality, and building resilience of learners, schools, and education systems to respond to crises.



Porticus logoPorticus supports INEE’s PSS-SEL efforts as well as its wider member engagement efforts. Following the successful launch of the INEE PSS-SEL Toolbox, INEE is working with partners to formulate next steps for strengthening it and facilitating its uptake and use in diverse contexts, with localization continuing to be a central consideration. Porticus’s support is also crucial for INEE’s outreach, engagement, and equity work, facilitating the infrastructure INEE relies on to continually bring more and more voices into EiE discourses and INEE actions and results. 


Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)

SDC logoSDC and INEE have a multiyear strategic partnership that allows INEE to make progress on all of its four Strategic Priorities. In addition to helping to ensure that INEE has the staffing resources to make progress on all its priorities, SDC also supports critical projects related to INEE’s thought leadership, capacity development work, and evidence building efforts. This strategic partnership built around shared goals and values, rather than preset outputs, give INEE the agility it needs to respond to changes in member needs and the global humanitarian context, like the ongoing pandemic. SDC and INEE also co-chair the Geneva Global Hub for Education in Emergencies, convening numerous strategic partners to achieve shared results toward shared goals.


INEE Steering Group Members

Demonstrating their support for INEE’s work, INEE Steering Group members also make annual contributions to INEE’s work. Their financial support affords INEE’s Secretariat some flexibility in their funding to remain agile and responsive to evolving member needs and priorities. 

In-kind support 

INEE’s inter-agency success is in large part due to the enormous in-kind contributions from its members, including the time and resources that members and their agencies provide for travel and accommodation, material production and translations, capacity-building and training activities, meeting/workshop support, and much more. This includes both financial and in-kind contributions from organizations sitting on the Steering Group, and the in-kind donations of resources, time and talent from members of the network spaces. The work would not be done without you.

INEE would like to extend particular gratitude to the International Rescue Committee and the Norwegian Refugee Council, for hiring and/or hosting INEE Secretariat staff and providing consistent, high quality operations systems and support.

For more information, click here to read INEE’s Annual Reports.