About INEE


INEE is supported by its membership including funding and in-kind contributions from a wide array of partners, including governments, funds, foundations, and partner organizations.

Current Funding support

INEE would like to thank all those who have contributed to the network, in particular, the following organizations which are currently supporting INEE:


DC logoDubai Cares

Dubai Cares supports INEE in several areas. First, INEE partners with Dubai Cares to administer the Dubai Cares Evidence for Education in Emergencies (E-Cubed) Research Envelope. This initiative focuses on generating evidence on effective preparedness and response strategies in EiE and funds research ranging from robust randomized controlled trials to evaluations, assessments, and gap analyses that inform the policies and practices of international and national policymakers, implementing agencies, and local EiE actors and stakeholders.

Dubai Cares is also one of several partners supporting the ongoing update process to the INEE Minimum Standards. This robust process begins with the recognition of the value of the current INEE MS to the sector and the wider humanitarian field, assesses uptake and usage of the INEE MS, and updates them to be increasingly accessible to all EiE actors and stakeholders, reflect the current humanitarian architecture, build on new evidence and learning, incorporate new global policy agendas like the SDGs, and remain relevant as the nature of emergencies evolve in the contexts of climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic.



ECW LogoEducation Cannot Wait (ECW)

As the world’s only fund dedicated exclusively to EiE, ECW is a key strategic partner for INEE. ECW and INEE are working together to expand outreach and member engagement as well as raise the profile of areas of EiE that do not attract the attention they should. Specifically, ECW is supporting INEE to raise the profile of the physical, professional, and psychosocial health of teachers in crisis context through the development of a Teacher Wellbeing Toolkit. Additionally, ECW and INEE are collaborating to expand an initiative on inclusive education, including education for children and people with disabilities, women and girls, and minority or marginalized groups. ECW’s support enables INEE to elevate issues important to INEE members to the global and regional levels.



GAC LogoGlobal Affairs Canada (GAC)

Global Affairs Canada’s partnership is allowing INEE to significantly expand its footprint in EiE evidence. Specifically, with GAC’s support, INEE is building the EiE evidence base and fostering greater uptake and use of relevant and current evidence in EiE policy, advocacy, programs, and other interventions. This work also contributes to GAC’s Together for Learning campaign’s “Building the Evidence Base” key area of work. Another key part of this work is the centrality of gender and allows INEE to continue to engage on this critical aspect of EiE.



Lego logoLEGO Foundation

The LEGO Foundation (LF) supports INEE’s distance education work, along with USAID, to help ensure INEE members have the tools and resources they need to respond effectively to the growing and shifting education needs in their contexts, especially in light of the ongoing pandemic. LF is also one of the partners supporting the update to the INEE MS. Additionally, LF supports INEE’s efforts in psychosocial support and social and emotional learning (PSS-SEL), teachers’ professional development and wellbeing, evidence and knowledge management.



OSF logoOpen Society Foundations

Open Society Foundations is a long-standing partner of INEE. Through their support, INEE is able to meet a number of diverse needs and priorities of INEE members in the areas of fostering a thriving EiE community of practice, promoting thought leadership in the sector, strengthening INEE’s capacity development work, growing the EiE evidence base. OSF is one of several partners supporting the update process for the INEE MS.



Porticus logoPorticus Foundation

Porticus supports INEE’s evidence building work to help practitioners gather and produce high-quality data to inform planning and evaluation. It also supports a partnership to create the INEE PSS-SEL Toolbox to allow practitioners to easily identify the most relevant to use in their respective interventions. This work prioritizes learning from all levels of the EiE, not just the global level, so that practitioners can make informed, context-specific decisions to produce robust results.. 



SDC logoSwiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)

SDC and INEE have a multiyear strategic partnership that allows INEE to make progress on all of its four Strategic Priorities. In addition to helping to ensure that INEE has the staffing resources to make progress on all its priorities, SDC also supports critical projects related to INEE’s thought leadership, capacity development work, and evidence building efforts. This strategic partnership built around shared goals and values, rather than preset outputs, give INEE the agility it needs to respond to changes in member needs and the global humanitarian context, like the ongoing pandemic. SDC and INEE also co-chair the Geneva Global Hub for Education in Emergencies, convening numerous strategic partners to achieve shared results toward shared goals.



UNICEF logoUnited Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

UNICEF, with support from LEGO Foundation and in partnership with ECW, partners with INEE to support the work of the INEE Early Childhood Development (ECD) Task Team. With the resources UNICEF provides, INEE is expanding policy and advocacy efforts in this area, supporting INEE members to integrate ECD into their EiE programs, and expanding access to ECD and EiE tools and resources.



Anonymous Donors

INEE is also generously funded by anonymous donors, whose contributions enable the network to fulfill the priorities outlined in its Strategic Framework both through support to INEE Working Group activities and to core Secretariat costs.



INEE Steering Group Members

Demonstrating their support for INEE’s work, INEE Steering Group members also make annual contributions to INEE’s work. Their financial support affords INEE’s Secretariat some flexibility in their funding to remain agile and responsive to evolving member needs and priorities.



In-kind support 

INEE’s inter-agency success is in large part due to the enormous in-kind contributions from its members, including the time and resources that members and their agencies provide for travel and accommodation, material production and translations, capacity-building and training activities, meeting/workshop support, and much more. This includes both financial and in-kind contributions from organizations sitting on the Steering Group, and the in-kind donations of resources, time and talent from members of the network spaces. The work would not be done without you.

INEE would like to extend particular gratitude to the International Rescue Committee and the Norwegian Refugee Council, for hiring and/or hosting INEE Secretariat staff and providing consistent, high quality operations systems and support.

For more information, click here to read INEE’s Annual Reports.