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Join the INEE Meet-Ups

The next round of INEE Meet-Ups is happening December 1-13! INEE Meet-Ups are informal gatherings in all corners of the globe where INEE members and others can network, share experiences, and discuss relevant topics. You are invited to join global (available in each INEE language) or country virtual meet-ups

Competency Framework Cover
Launching the EiE Competency Framework

Based on the INEE Minimum Standards, this new framework articulates a set of required, valued, and recognized competencies for the humanitarian and education in the emergencies sectors. The framework describes expected standards of performance across a number of competencies that can be applied to different roles within an organization or sector.

Join the INEE 20th Anniversary Celebration

As part of our 20th anniversary commemoration, we will be holding a series of events and launching a report about the progress of education in emergencies over the past two decades, including INEE’s role in that.

JEiE Logo
JEiE Special Issue on Education and the War on Drugs

We are pleased to announce the newest volume of the Journal on Education in Emergencies! It examines how education is not only a space that has suffered extensive collateral damage from the war on drugs, but also how education policies and practices perpetuate and sustain this long-running, transnational, and multifaceted war

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