INEE Measurement Library

Call for Submissions

We are pleased to open the call for the INEE Measurement Library submissions.

This is the first open call for measures to be submitted for inclusion in the INEE Measurement Library, an open-source resource. If you have developed or tested a measure related to the holistic learning, and well-being of children and youth in emergency situations, submit your measure to be housed in the Measurement Library on the INEE website!  

The first submission period is open 13 October 2021 to 12 November 2021. All submissions will be reviewed by the Measurement Library Reference Group (MLRG). The next submission period will take place in February-March 2022. 

Submit your measure here

*Please review the submission guidelines below and only submit the completed package of materials.*

Submissions are accepted in Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. The submission form is currently available in English; please let us know if you need assistance using this form.

Measure submissions should include the following:

  1. Measure - the tool that is used in the assessment. 
  2. Training materials - the accompanying guide for training enumerators on how to use the measure
  3. Evidence report - the document providing evidence of reliability and validity of the measure’s use in a real life context. Find the Evidence Report template here.

Measure submissions must have evidence for at least one form of reliability and validity in order to be reviewed by members of the MLRG. Read more about the criteria below.

Submission Process and Timeline

  • Once you submit the measure using the form, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your submission through Submittable
  • Each submission is reviewed by an MLRG coordinator to ensure the submission is complete and eligible for inclusion
  • Eligible submissions are then be reviewed by 4 MLRG members
    • Eligible measures and accompanying evidence reports are reviewed by 2 independent MLRG members for psychometric criteria
    • Training materials are reviewed by 2 independent MLRG members to ensure they meet the set criteria
  • You will be notified via email of the status of the submission within 2-3 months through Submittable
  • The measure package will be uploaded to the Measurement Library within 1-2 months of notification of approval for inclusion in the ML

Criteria for Measure & Evidence Report

In order to be accepted into the INEE ML, submitted measurement tools must have evidence of at least 1 type of reliability and 1 type of validity that is fit for purpose. The quality of psychometric evidence (as available in the technical working paper) will be reviewed by two independent reviewers. Additional criteria for your measure is available here. You may submit a journal article in lieu of a technical working paper, as long as the journal article is free and open access.

The Evidence Report should provide evidence of reliability and validity of the measure’s use in a real life context. Find the Evidence Report template here.

Criteria for Training Materials 

Each measure submitted needs to have accompanying training materials on how to use the measure(s). Guidance on what makes great training materials is available here.

For any questions, please contact