Hernando José Macias Alvarez


Term: March 2024 - February 2026

Hernando José Macías Alvarez is the INEE Country Focal Point for Colombia. He is an Anthropologist with a Master's degree in Social Studies of Science, Technology and Medicine, National Archaeological Register 594, and an expert in Integrated School Risk Management. With 18 years of experience in the public and private sector, Hernando has carried out field work and provided technical assistance in social and educational processes throughout Colombia. During his time working in the Ministry of National Education, he was able to directly demonstrate the impacts caused by emergency situations due to natural phenomena or the effects of armed groups in the education sector, and led the development and implementation of strategies to guarantee the provision of educational services in emergency situations and ensure the safety of the educational community, as reflected in the national sector strategy for Comprehensive School Risk Management (GIRE).

As an active member of INEE, he has encouraged the incorporation of concepts, tools and references developed through the network in sector guidelines, as well as the participation of teachers, urging them to implement the available resources in their local contexts.Hernando is Colombian and speaks Spanish and English. 

Email: hernando.jose.macias.alvarez@inee.org