Wahid Jubran


Term: March 2024 - February 2026

Wahid Jubran Hamad is the INEE Country Focal Point in Palestine. He holds a PhD in Education Leadership and Masters Degree in Education. He is interested in basic education, teacher professional development, curriculum development, and project development. He is deeply committed to the welfare of learners and teachers.

With over 30 years of experience, Wahid has held diverse roles in education, including at UNRWA as Deputy Regional Director of the Education Programme and Director of the Educational Development Centre. He has worked across primary, secondary, and university levels, also teaching at Palestinian universities. He has contributed widely to education initiatives, serving on various committees and boards related to adult education, life skills and educational innovation. Wahid is recognised internationally as a training expert and has consulted for organizations like UNESCO, GIZ, and the World Bank. In retirement from UNRWA since 2018, Wahid continues his involvement in Palestinian education through organizations like the Palestinian Educational Coalition and the Arabic Campaign for Education for All. He maintains strong ties with the Ministry of Education, UNRWA, and Palestinian educational NGOs. Wahid is Palestinian and is fluent in both Arabic and English

Email: jubran.wahid@inee.org