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Accelerated Education Working Group (AEWG)


The Accelerated Education Working Group (AEWG), which became part of INEE in 2022, is an inter agency working group made up of a number of education partners supporting and/or funding Accelerated Education (AE) Programs (AEPs). The overarching aim of the AEWG is to support ministries of education, implementing partners, and donors in designing, implementing, monitoring, and funding accelerated education programmes (AEPs) that meet the needs and demands of over-age out-of-school children and youth around the globe. 

Since inception, the AEWG has worked to  engage and advocate  for AE within national policy, donor strategies, and programmatic responses to address the issue of out of school, over-age learners in both emergency, crisis and protracted contexts.

Members of AEWG include UNHCR, UNICEF, UNESCO, USAID, Norwegian Refugee Council, Plan, International Rescue Committee, Save the Children, Education Development Center, ECHO and War Child Holland.


2022/23, the AEWG has five areas of focus:

  1. AE Programs Included by More Governments in National Education Plans & Policies
  2. AE Evidence Base Strengthened
  3. Quality of AE Improved through the Development, Dissemination, and Utilization of Tools & Guidance
  4. AE Programs Better Resourced by all Key Stakeholders for Scale & Quality
  5. Resilience Strengthened for Learners, Schools, and Systems to Respond to Crisis

Further details on these areas of focus are available in the AEWG 2022-23 Brief. An overview of the AEWG’s work in 2021 is available here.

Learn more about the AEWG and AE in the video below:

Watch the new video highlighting the Accelerated Education work going on in Nigeria - an excellent example of embedding Accelerated Education into national systems:


AEWG has produced a number of resources, which are listed below. Additional AE resources are available in the Accelerated Education Resource Collection.

COVID-19 meant the world needed to rapidly scale up flexible education options to reach all learners. This global need mandated the AEWG to leverage their expertise in accelerating learning to provide guidance for donors, implementers, and education systems to help all learners catch up when schools began to reopen. Please see below specific resources on the response to COVID-19.

AEWG Webinars