Accelerated Education Catch-Up Principles

When education is disrupted due to crisis, conflict, or displacement, learners miss out on new learning, and they lose knowledge and skills they had previously acquired. This learning loss accumulates over time, making learners fall further and further behind their peers. Therefore, when education resumes, it is essential to help learners catch up. Learners must be helped to recover lost learning, make up for content that was missed, and return to the appropriate place in the curriculum where they would be if the disruption had not occurred.

The Accelerated Education Working Group anticipates that catch-up programmes will be deployed extensively to meet the needs of learners who missed out on several months to approximately one year of education due to the disruption specifically due to the COVID-19 pandemic therefore building on the AEWG’s programme definitions and our expertise in AE and other non-formal or alternative education options that accelerate the acquisition of knowledge and skills, the AEWG developed the 10 Principles for Helping Learners Catch Up and Return to Learning, a set of principles and action points for catch-up programmes.

This webinar explored the key elements of Catch Up programmes through the launch of the AEWG Catch-up Programmes whilst also looking at the AEWG guidance on how to condense a curriculum.  Two programme examples from Cameroon and Liberia were also shared.

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