Introduction to the Accelerated Education Introductory Teacher Training Pack

INEE’s Accelerated Education Working Group held a webinar on the new Accelerated Education Introductory Teacher Training Pack (AEITTP).

This webinar covered the content, pedagogy, and approach of the AEITTP, and how it caters specifically for teachers working in accelerated education programs and teaching learners generally aged 10-18 who are over-age for their grade. Participants also heard experiences from colleagues who have piloted, contextualized, and rolled out the teacher training pack in Nigeria and Somalia.


  • Emila Sorrentino, Global Lead for Education in Emergencies, Plan International
  • Martha Hewison, AEWG Coordinator, INEE
  • Sue Nicholson, Senior Accelerated Education Advisor, USAID Bar ama Baro Program
  • Abdurahman Ali Mohamed, Program Manager, USAID Bar ama Baro Program, Somalia
  • Chima Jonas, Deputy Director Research, Head of Policy and Programs: National Education Research Development Council, Nigeria

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INEE Webinar


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Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE)


Accelerated Education Program (AEP)
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