Solidarity message with INEE members

Protecting Education from Attack
Child Protection
Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS)

To our members and partners in the Middle East region: 

INEE Secretariat stands in solidarity with all who have been affected by the crisis and its escalation in Gaza, Israel, the West Bank, and neighboring countries. The pain, suffering, and death are heartbreaking. We express our deepest sympathy for the lives lost and shattered. We are profoundly concerned for our many members and their families in the region who are facing unimaginable pain and loss.

Please know that the INEE Secretariat stands in mourning and solidarity with you and all civilians impacted. We join INEE members and partners across the humanitarian sector calling for a humanitarian ceasefire and that international humanitarian law be upheld.

To those living and working in dangerous and volatile situations, we are humbled and empowered by your strength, compassion, and determination to continue centering children and young people, their protection and education, and their futures in the face of devastation and pain.


For those able to continue working, planning, and dreaming of resuming programming for your learners and educators, we offer the following list of resources that support the provision of education and psychosocial support and wellbeing for learners, teachers, and others affected by this crisis. This list will be continually updated on the INEE website. INEE Members are also encouraged to seek out guidance provided by national authorities. INEE members are welcomed to reach out to the INEE Help Desk and to continue to support each other through the INEE Community of Practice


Standards and General Guidance

  • Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action
    Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action (Arabic, English, and more)
  • INEE Minimum Standards for Education: Preparedness, Response, Recovery
    INEE (Arabic, English, and more)
  • Comprehensive School Safety Framework 2022-2030
    GADRRRES (English and more)
  • Guidelines for Protecting Schools from Military Use during Armed Conflict
    Global Coalition to Protection Education from Attack (GCPEA) (Arabic, English, and more)
  • INEE Guidance Note on Conflict Sensitive Education
    INEE (Arabic, English, and more)
  • Planning Education in and after Emergencies
    UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning (English


  • Guide: What Teachers and Administrators Can Do to Protect Education from Attack
    Global Coalition to Protection Education from Attack (GCPEA) (English)
  • INEE Guidance Note for Teacher Wellbeing in Emergency Settings
    INEE (Arabic, English, and more)
  • INEE Teacher Wellbeing Guidance Note - Contextualization for Palestine
    INEE (Arabic, English, and more)
  • PSS-SEL Distance Education Resources for Teachers
    INEE (Arabic, English, and more)

Child Protection and Education

  • Supporting Integrated Child Protection and Education Programming in Humanitarian Action
    INEE and The Alliance (Arabic, English, and more)
  • CPHA Frontliner Getting Started Learning Package
    Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action (Arabic, English, and more)
  • Operational Guidance for Child Friendly Spaces in Humanitarian Settings
    IFRC (Arabic, English)
  • What Schools Can Do to Protect Education from Attack and Military Use
    Global Coalition to Protection Education from Attack (GCPEA) (English)

Mental Health, Psychosocial Support, and Wellbeing

  • INEE Guidance Note on Psychosocial Support
    INEE (Arabic, English, and more)
  • Psychological First Aid: Dealing with Traumatic Responses in Children
    Save the Children (Arabic, English)
  • Doing What Matters in Times of Stress
    World Health Organisation (Arabic, English, and more)
  • How to talk to your children about conflict and war
    UNICEF (Arabic, English)

Early Childhood Development

  • Early Childhood Development Kit for Emergencies
    UNICEF (Arabic, English, and more)
  • Early childhood care and development in emergencies: A programme guide
    Plan International
  • Distance Learning: A guide to playful distance learning - online and offline
    LEGO Foundation (English)
  • Young children in crisis settings resource kit
    Moving Minds Alliance (Arabic, English, and more)

Gender, Disability, and Inclusion

  • Rapid Gender Analysis: Gendered Impacts of the October 2023 Escalation in Gaza
    UNRWA (English)
  • INEE Guidance Note on Gender
    INEE (Arabic, English, and more)
  • EiE-GenKit
    ECW, UNGEI, and INEE (Arabic, English)
  • Inclusive Distance Education Toolkit
    INEE (Arabic, English, and more)
  • INEE Pocket Guide to Supporting Learners with Disabilities
    INEE (English and more)

Accelerated Education

  • Accelerated Education Decision Tree
    Accelerated Education Working Group (AEWG) (Arabic, English, and more)
  • Pathways for the Return to Learning
    AEWG (Arabic, English, and more)
  • Catch Up Programs: 10 Principles to Helping learners catch up and return to learning
    AEWG (Arabic, English, and more)
  • Guidance on Condensing a Curriculum
    AEWG (Arabic, English, and more)


For information on the humanitarian response in affected areas, visit ReliefWeb. To suggest resources for this crisis, or to request a customized list of resources relevant to another crisis, contact