Technical Guide: What Teachers and School Administrators Can Do to Protect Education from Attack

This technical guide follows the organization of the full report, outlining how teachers and school administrators can protect education by implementing protective measures in their schools. All measures should be adapted to local contexts, considering factors such as the forms of attack that occur and their possible motivations, national resources, and cultural practices. Not all measures are appropriate in all situations.

In October 2016, the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA) launched the report “What Schools Can Do to Protect Education from Attack” which provides those actors with recommendations, country examples and case studies, considerations regarding risks and challenges, and lessons learned. This document extracts from the full report in order to serve as a technical guide for ministries of education, local education officials, communities, NGOs, and international agencies seeking to develop localized templates on actions that school-based actors can take to protect schools, students, and teachers from attack. Developing localized guidance is important. Existing resources discuss measures to protect education at the policy level, but teachers, school administrators, and other education personnel at the local level are most directly responsible for formulating and implementing measures to protect schools from attack.

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Protecting Education from Attack
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