INEE Minimum Standards

INEE Minimum Standards CoverThe INEE Minimum Standards Handbook contains 19 standards, each with accompanying key actions and guidance notes. The handbook aims to enhance the quality of educational preparedness, response and recovery, increase access to safe and relevant learning opportunities and ensure accountability in providing these services. The guidance in the INEE Minimum Standards Handbook is designed for use in crisis response in a range of situations, including disasters caused by natural hazards and conflict, slow- and rapid-onset situations and emergencies in rural and urban environments.

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Domain 1: Foundational Standards

This domain details standards for community participation: participation and resources, Coordination and Analysis: assessment, response strategies, monitoring, evaluation. They are the basis for the application of the standards for Access and Learning Environment, Teaching and Learning, Teachers and Other Education Personnel, and Education Policy.

Domain 2: Access and Learning Environment

Standards in this domain focus on access to safe and relevant learning opportunities. They highlight critical linkages with other sectors such as health, water and sanitation, nutrition and shelter that help to enhance security, safety and physical, cognitive and psychological well-being.

Domain 3: Teaching and Learning

These standards focus on critical elements that promote effective teaching and learning, including curricula, training, professional development and support, instruction and learning processes, and assessment of learning outcomes.

Domain 4: Teachers and Other Education Personnel

Standards in this domain cover administration and management of human resources in the field of education. This includes recruitment and selection, conditions of service, and supervision and support.