INEE Network Spaces

Working Groups

INEE Working Groups are formal groups of institutional members who work together to implement specific activities toward the achievement of priorities within the INEE Strategic Framework. Working Groups are composed of experts and practitioners from a variety of organisations and institutions, and membership is gained through an application process. 

***The 2018-2021 INEE Working Groups have concluded their work as of May 2021. A consultation and review of a new structure of INEE network spaces is in process and will soon be shared with INEE members.***

Advocacy Working Group

The INEE Advocacy Working Group (AWG) was established in 2012, with the goal of promoting the work of INEE and advocating for the three P's: prioritizing, planning, and protecting education in emergencies. Originally known as the Education Cannot Wait Advocacy Working Group, an early focus was on advocating for better, more predictable, and longer-term funding for education in emergencies. Alongside funding, the AWG continues to focus on promoting global EiE standards and good practices, such as the INEE Minimum Standards and the Conflict Sensitive Education Pack, as well as linking these tools to the achievement of the SDGs.

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Education Policy Working Group

The INEE Education Policy Working Group (EPWG) was established as an inter-agency mechanism to coordinate diverse initiatives and catalyze collaborative action on issues relating to education policy in crisis and conflict-affected contexts. Through EPWG, INEE fosters collaboration between 27 working group member organizations and coordinates initiatives to build evidence and knowledge in order to inform policies, planning, and practices of education ministries, donors, field practitioners, and implementing agencies in crisis-affected contexts.

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Standards and Practice Working Group

The INEE Standards and Practice Working Group (SPWG) is a group of 28 NGOs, UN agencies, and academics from around the world that work together within a humanitarian and development framework to facilitate access to quality education and safe environment for all in emergencies and post-crisis recovery. The current group (2018-2020) builds on the WG’s achievements since 2004, including around knowledge management, capacity development, and contextualization and application of the INEE Minimum Standards. The SPWG leads INEE’s efforts to mobilize knowledge and develop innovative strategies to professionalize and build capacities within the field of EiE.

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