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PSS-SEL Working Group

In emergency situations, parents, children and teachers may be exposed to violence, loss and displacement. Unaddressed, the psychological and emotional distress caused by this experience can impede the process of recovery and resumption of healthy development and learning. It is therefore essential that EiE programmes incorporate activities to actively tackle the potential psychological and emotional distress experienced by teachers and students. This can be done through integrating interventions which aim to provide psychosocial support (PSS) and develop social and emotional learning (SEL).

PSS and SEL have been priorities for INEE since 2014, and the PSS-SEL Working Group continues the work of previous iterations of this network space. Members of the PSS-SEL Working Group work across agencies to address gaps in policy, practice, and research regarding PSS-SEL.

Timeline of PSS-SEL network spaces at INEE

PSS-SEL Timeline


The PSS-SEL Working Group will be open for new members from September 2022. Check back here in September and reach out to the INEE's PSS-SEL Coordinator in the meantime

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Contact: Rachel Smith, INEE PSS-SEL Coordinator,