Lessons learned from teaching at the University of Nairobi during COVID-19

Two components of academic excellence are continuity and predictability.  The 2020 pandemic caused unprecedented and unexpected confusion about the origin of the pandemic and what to do about the spread and the timelines of the infection rates. More than 1.5 billion children from 195 countries were affected by school closures. Universities were not spared either. There were genuine fears about the continuity of programs and the unpredictability of the pandemic. To some extent, the pandemic created a secondary pandemic: an education pandemic. 

The University of Nairobi faced a share of challenges emanating from digital literacy unpreparedness from both the students and lectures. To continue with its mission and mandate of providing quality university education and training, deliberate and effective strategies were sought and employed collaboratively and the university was able to bounce back. The building back and forward better is part of the transformative agenda that the vice-chancellor collaboratively has taken as a priority agenda. This webinar was geared toward sharing the lessons learned and the preparedness agenda for the university.

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