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GPE Global Education Summit Side Event

Strengthening Support for Teachers in Crisis Contexts:

Promising and Innovative Practices in Teacher Professional Development

The Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE), The LEGO Foundation, Education International, Oxfam, UNESCO, and the International Task Force on Teachers for Education 2030 launched the Teachers in Crisis Contexts (TiCC) Event Series 2021-2022 titled, "Strengthening Support for Teachers in Crisis Contexts: Promising Practices in Teacher Professional Development" on Thursday, July 22nd, 2021 at the Global Education Summit convened by the Global Partnership for Education.

During this event, teachers with relevant experiences shared their stories of working in crisis contexts, EiE actors presented promising practices and the latest research on quality professional development, and the participants discussed how to work together to strengthen support to teachers where it's needed most by kicking off the collaborative conversation to refine the emerging Call to Action for Transforming Sector-wide Support for Teachers in Crisis Contexts.

The Call to Action urges international, regional, national, and local education actors to: 

  • Prioritize teachers from the very onset of an emergency, through to recovery and development, with increased financial investments, better data, and effective planning so that adequate numbers of teachers, including female and minority teachers, are teaching where and when they needed most. 
  • Respect teachers, including volunteers and facilitators, as individuals and professionals with appropriate and equitable recruitment policies, pay and employment terms, and working conditions. 
  • Enable teachers to support all learners by continuously investing in and dramatically improving the nature and quality of teacher preparation, continuous professional development, and sustained support. 
  • Support teachers' well-being, recognizing the impact of crises on teachers in their own lives and their ability to do their work, and providing comprehensive support to teachers at the individual, school, community, and national levels. 
  • Listen to teachers' expertise, experiences, and opinions, by including them in decision-making bodies and coordination mechanisms, program design and implementation, and research efforts. 



Blog post: Teaching in Complex Crises: Seeking Balance in Selfless Acts of Service (Chris Henderson)

White Paper: Teacher Professional Development & Play-based Learning in East Africa: Strengthening Research, Policy, and Practice in Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Uganda (Mary Mendenhall, Vidur Chopra, Danielle Falk, Chris Henderson, & Jihae Cha)

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