Domain 4: Teachers and Other Education Personnel

The standards in this domain focus on managing, administering, and supporting human resources in education, particularly teachers and other education personnel. They establish the importance of teacher recruitment and selection, conditions of work, professional support, and overall management. They also address the meaningful participation of teachers and other education personnel in these areas, from emergency preparedness and through to recovery.


مصادر مرتبطه
1 يناير 1997 Policy Document United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organziation (UNESCO)

UNESCO/ILO Recommendation Concerning the Status of the Teaching Profession & UNESCO Recommendation concerning the Status of Higher-Education Teaching Personnel

The ILO/UNESCO Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers (1966) and the UNESCO Recommendation concerning the Status of Higher-Education Teaching Personnel (1997) are two international instruments which set out principles concerning the rights and responsibilities of educators, ranging from the pre-school level through university.