Education Sector Snapshot for Comprehensive School Safety (CSS) and Education in Emergencies (EiE)

The Education Sector Snapshot for Comprehensive School Safety (CSS) and Education in Emergencies (EiE) provides a report of country-level information on risk and Comprehensive School Safety. Currently, Snapshots have been developed for more than 15 countries.

The Snapshots provide a baseline for understanding policies, programs, and practices in risk assessment as well as all three pillars of school safety, and include available targets and indicators. The reports are meant to serve as orientation for stakeholders and a reference for humanitarian response.

It is intended that these reports be updated by the national education authority in collaboration with education sector development stakeholders.

The Education Sector Snapshot includes the following elements:

  • Introductory demographics
  • Education sector overview
  • Hazards and risks overview
  • Disaster Risk Management overview
  • Comprehensive School Safety overview
  • Pillar 1: Safe Learning Facilities: policies, practices & programs
  • Pillar 2: School Disaster Management & educational continuity: policies, practices & programs (including Education in Emergencies)
  • Pillar 3: Risk Reduction and Resilience in Education: policies, practices & programs
  • Targets and Indicators for CSS
  • Appendices include:
    • National hazard map(s)
    • Education Cluster/Working Group/Task Force ToRs, work plan, and roster
    • Progress towards CSS Targets and Indicators
    • Sub-national school facilities and enrollment statistics
    • National contingency plans
    • Programs projects and activities mapping
    • EiE provisions and stockpiles
    • EiE suppliers and framework agreements
    • EFA global monitoring statistics

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    Global Alliance for Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience in the Education Sector (GADRRRES)


    Risk Reduction and Resilience

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