EdTech in Low Resource Settings: Challenges, opportunities, and conditions for success

This report summarizes the results of a survey the Gobee team launched to better understand the experience of stakeholders in the Education in Emergencies (EiE) sector when it comes to EdTech in low-resource settings, with a special focus on digital assessments and what it takes to develop and maintain open-source models (OSS) and data protection regulations.To do so, we first sought to understand the goals, needs, and challenges faced by organizations within the EdTech ecosystem; those that develop, use, plan to use, or fund EdTech. Then, we inquired about their experiences with OSS and data protection, and the helpfulness of the many areas we are exploring in our learning agenda to their organizational goals. With the invaluable inputs from survey respondents we aim to (1) tailor the learning agenda to make informed decisions on the future of the Gobee tool, and (2) share back key findings and outstanding questions about the EdTech landscape in low-resource settings.

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NYU Global TIES for Children, War Child


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