Teacher Wellbeing Focus Group Discussion Guide

The focus group discussion guide is a tool designed for Right to Play staff to facilitate with teachers who have returned to school after COVD-19 enforced closures (across the globe) as well as for teacher in Burundi and Tanzania who have continued teaching throughout the global COVID-19 pandemic. It includes a facilitator script, an ice-breaker activity, and a series of questions that address teachers' wellbeing both during school closures and once schools reopen. Subtopics include teachers' personal and professional life, communications, support networks and coping strategies; professional growth, skills reinforcement and development opportunities; student wellbeing, needs and relationships; and the school's physical environment and safety protocols. The tool was created by Louise Shah, Global Education Specialist at Right to Play.

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Right To Play

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Louise Shah


Teacher Wellbeing
Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS)