Anti-Racism Resources

Anti-racism and Decoloniality

In October 2020, in response to global calls to address and dismantle racism in the international humanitarian aid community, the INEE Secretariat published our Statement on Anti-Racism and Racial Equity as a step toward addressing inequities in our work and structures, and in the education in emergencies sector more broadly. We committed to explicitly addressing racial inequities, power imbalances, and the lack of diverse representation within the Secretariat, Steering Group, and network spaces, as well as to redouble our efforts towards our Strategic Priority 4 on strengthening and diversifying INEE membership. In 2021, we shared an Anti-Racism Progress Report, and while we have made progress, we know there is much more to be done. 

We are pleased to share the results and outputs of two consultancies that INEE supported over the past few years, as well as a summary of the anti-racism actions taken during the update process of the INEE Minimum Standards.

  • In Sep.-Oct. 2020, INEE contracted Patience Garton-Kristiansen to 1. develop a glossary of key racism terms and 2. deliver a workshop to guide INEE staff in identifying gaps in knowledge and potential blindspots around racism and ways in which INEE contributes to upholding institutional racism and colonial power dynamics. The consultancy report can be found here.
  • Between December 2021 and October 2022, INEE contracted the darvaja collective to: 1. Develop a roadmap for INEE’s decolonising EiE work; 2. Produce a primer on decolonizing EiE (available in En, Fr, Sp, Pt, and Ar), with terms, definitions, approaches, critiques, and good practice examples; 3. Provide a half-day workshop for the INEE Secretariat and INEE Steering Group. The consultancy’s aim was to establish a shared point from which the INEE Secretariat and INEE members can approach our anti-racism and decolonization work more intentionally.
  • The INEE Minimum Standards Update Process in 2022-2024 included an Anti-Racism and Decolonization Thematic Review intended to review and shape the content of the updated handbook using an anti-racism and decolonization lens. This resulted in an intentional process of integrating guidance and best practice throughout the INEE Minimum Standards, 2024 Edition.

Anti-Racism and Decoloniality Resources

In addition to the above activities, we have, with support from Zeena Zakharia and other INEE members, compiled a resource collection on the themes of anti-racism and decoloniality. This Anti-Racism and Decoloniality Collection is intended to share key resources with INEE members and other EiE stakeholders, to further inform our learning and work on centering equity in the EiE sector. 

If you have additional resources to share, particularly those in INEE’s core languages of Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish, please email  

Please look for additional updates and actions in the days ahead. As always, we encourage you to share your feedback on our progress or reflections on our ongoing work at We look forward to learning and growing together.