INEE Minimum Standards Anti-racism and Decolonisation Thematic Review Findings

The INEE Minimum Standards update team is pleased to share this webinar recording during which we presented the findings, recommendations and topics of the recently finished INEE Minimum Standards anti-racism and decolonisation thematic review.

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During the webinar, we presented the results and findings of the INEE Minimum Standards anti-racism and  decolonisation thematic review, conducted as part of the INEE MS update. The thematic review conducted a review and mapping of references to, anti-racism and decolonization in the INEE MS, identified gaps, and provided recommendations on how to mainstream mentioned topics across the INEE MS update process. The findings and recommendations of the review will be incorporated in the updated INEE MS.


  • Dean Brooks, INEE Director
  • Ariel Rivera Solari, INEE Standard and Practice Coordinator
  • Seun Adebayo, Researcher

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