INEE Teacher Wellbeing Guidance Note - Contextualization for Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya

These contextualization tools consist of a methodology and reflections, as well as the resultant contextualized Domain 3 of the Guidance Note for Teacher Wellbeing in Emergency Settings for use in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya.

Gladys Mwuguzi, Vianney Mpitavuma, and Mayen Aguer Arok conducted this work in coordination with UNHCR and teachers and school administrators in Kakuma. The contextualization focuses on national, incentive, and intern teachers. The national and intern teachers are Kenyan citizens while incentive teachers are from the refugee communities.

Included in the Zip File package are:

  1. Contextualized Domain 3 and Methodology
  2. Contextualization Reflections

This contextualization project sought to better understand the challenges, opportunities, and limitations of contextualizing a global good for use in specific contexts. The resulting outputs provide important insights and lessons for INEE, and we hope these will be supportive resources for members wishing to engage in conversations and action around teacher wellbeing in their own contexts.

Read this accompanying blog for further information behind the project.

These publications are part of a larger project, funded by Education Cannot Wait, to develop a Teacher Wellbeing Toolkit in order to meet the needs of teachers in their local context. The resources developed under this project also include:

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Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE)

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Gladys Mwuguzi, Vianney Mpitavuma, and Mayen Aguer Arok


INEE Minimum Standards
Teacher Wellbeing

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