Spanish Language Community

The INEE Spanish Language Community (SLC) is a network space that facilitates advocacy, resource development and knowledge sharing among INEE members who speak Spanish. The SLC is supported by a part-time Language Community Facilitator who creates, translates, and disseminates tools and information in Spanish, and supports networking, liaison, training and capacity-building opportunities for Spanish-speaking INEE members


There are currently 2355 members the INEE Spanish Language Community. Membership in the SLC is free and open to all INEE members. Not a member of INEE? Click here to join INEE 

SLC members live and work in 125 countries around the world. SLC members also represent numerous organizations and bodies such as international and local NGOs, UN agencies, government institutions, community based organisations, and academic institutions such as universities and schools.  

SLC Engagement


The INEE website is almost fully accessible in Spanish, and is populated with a range of member-contributed content, including news, jobs, blogs, resources and multimedia. Visit at

SLC members receive a monthly newsletter that highlights developments in the field of education in emergencies (EiE) and the work of INEE network members. The newsletter also contains information about technical resources, hot news, training opportunities, and initiatives. SLC members regularly contact INEE to request materials, receive technical advice, learn about trainings and other network activities, and seek volunteering and work opportunities. Most of the communications originate in Spanish speaking countries, but also from native Spanish speakers based elsewhere in the world.

INEE Working Groups

The SLC closely follows the progress of the INEE working groups and encourages Spanish-speaking members or organizations working in Spanish speaking regions to participate in the global work of INEE through the working groups, collaboratives and task teams. The SLC amplifies the accomplishments of and participation in the working groups, while also fostering partnerships between Spanish speaking organizations and donors.

INEE Minimum Standards

The first and second editions of the INEE Minimum Standards (MS) handbook were translated to Spanish thanks to support of UNICEF Latin America and Caribbean Regional Office (LACRO). Several regional organizations (UNICEF, Plan International, Save the Children) as well as their country offices and Ministries of Education have printed copies of INEE MS and organized numerous trainings to introduce it and as part of broad EiE capacity development initiatives.

Some Latin-American countries (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru) had expressed interest to contextualize the INEE MS as well.

Conflict Sensitive Education (CSE)

The Latin America and Caribbean Office office of the RET International supported the translation of the INEE Conflict Sensitive Education (CSE) pack materials (Guiding principles, Reflection Tool, CSE Guidance Note and others relevant materials) into Spanish. Additionally in early 2018, the Spanish Cooperation, through the General Directorate of Policies for Sustainable Development, supported the translation of the INEE Conflict Sensitive Education Training Modules for 2-days into Spanish.

These CSE materials will be useful in promoting and implementing CSE approaches in Spanish speaking countries exposed to conflict and gang violence.  Colombia and its borders countries as well as Central American countries in particular will benefit from these materials.


The SLC Facilitator participates actively in the Group for Disaster Risk Management in the Education Sector in Latin America and the Caribbean as well as represents INEE in the Global Alliance for Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience in the Education Sector (GADRRRES), established in 2013. The Facilitator also reaches out and participates in a wide variety of meetings to develop partnerships, strengthen advocacy efforts, and harmonize EiE efforts in Spanish-speaking countries.

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