Behind the Pages Podcast

Behind the Pages is a podcast from the INEE-NYU Journal on Education in Emergencies (JEiE), the first and only peer-reviewed journal dedicated in its entirety to scholarly and practitioner work on education in emergencies. Behind the Pages features interviews with JEiE authors about innovative approaches and the progress and challenges of delivering education to some of the world's most underrepresented populations. These dynamic and timely conversations complement the research and fieldwork examined in JEiE and allow JEiE authors to highlight insights, anecdotes, and memorable moments from their work that did not make it onto the pages of the journal.

Behind the Pages is available wherever you get your podcasts.

Season 9

This season, we join authors from our Special Issue on Gender in Education in Emergencies in conversations about the gendered dimensions of education in conflict and crisis-affected contexts, and the different ways emergencies impact girls’ and boys’ education access and attainment. 

These interviews highlight new evidence on students’ experiences of gender-based violence and education for peacebuilding, the intersection of race, gender, and displacement, the gendered effects of COVID-19-related school closures on learning, and lessons from innovative approaches to collecting, disaggregating, and analyzing data on girls’ education in fragile contexts.

Season 8

This season brings authors from our Special Issue on PSS and SEL in Emergencies into conversation with one another about the many ways that psychological health, emotional wellbeing, social cohesion, and education are linked. 

These interviews highlight JEiE researchers’ progress toward creating, validating, and using culturally relevant tools for measuring social and emotional skills, wellbeing, and resilience, including among war-affected adolescents in Ukraine. We discuss lessons learned from programs targeting the needs and capacities of teachers, mental health professionals, and caregivers for raising the quality of life of the young people who rely on them.

Season 7

We speak with authors from our Special Issue on Early Childhood Development in Emergencies about lessons learned through efforts to address the needs of young children and families living in humanitarian situations. These dynamic conversations complement the articles published in the special issue and reveal backstories that you will only hear on this podcast!

This season on Behind the Pages, JEiE authors join perspectives on child protection, emergency preparedness and disaster risk reduction, caregiver mental health and psychosocial support, and responsive caregiving with rigorous methods for assessing ECD interventions. They examine how planned and improvised program adaptations, participatory approaches, and deeper understanding of culture and context contribute to early learning for children living in conflict and crisis settings.

Season 6

On this season of Behind the Pages, authors from our Special Issue on Education and the War on Drugs elaborate on their research and fieldwork in six highly engaging interview segments.

These conversations examine the influence the war on drugs has had on the continuum of drug production, distribution, sale, and use as experienced by students, families, educators, school officials, and policymakers. JEiE authors provide insights into the additional considerations required when studying the illicit and carrying out research in insecure settings, and highlight the need for inclusive perspectives to reveal effects of crises that often go unseen.

The podcast episodes are in English; however, the special issue is available in its entirety in Spanish and English.

Season 5

We speak with authors from Part II of our Special Issue on Refugees and Education about their insight, motivation, and experiences conducting important research and fieldwork in education in emergencies. Five dynamic conversations complement the articles published in the special issue and reveal backstories only available on Behind the Pages.

This season on Behind the Pages, JEiE authors discuss opportunities and outcomes in refugee education as they relate to refugees’ rights, literacy, and belonging; funding for programs that benefit refugee learners; teachers’ professional development as they serve the education needs of refugees; and many other topics.

Season 4

Authors from Part I of our Special Issue on Refugees and Education discuss the latest research and important developments in the field of refugee education on this season of Behind the Pages.

In six interview segments, JEiE authors discuss their work on refugee education in a variety of regions and contexts. We hear how a participatory approach to designing a higher education program helped expand access in Syria and we break down the development of education programming on offer to students in the Dadaab and Kakuma refugee camps and for Palestinian refugees. We also learn how Colombian refugee families negotiate bureaucratic structures to enroll their students in school in Ecuador, among other fascinating human stories.

Season 3

On this season of Behind the Pages, we speak with authors from JEiE Volume 4, Number 1 about a wide range of issues affecting education amid crisis and conflict, including feelings of exclusion and belonging among Syrian refugee and host country students in a Kindergarten classroom in Lebanon, the intricacies of education reform and power-sharing in peace agreements, and innovative efforts to deliver higher education in Kakuma refugee camp.

Authors from the issue’s six articles speak with JEiE about their research and fieldwork in diverse settings, including Lebanon, Iraq, Kenya, Northern Ireland, and North Macedonia. JEiE Volume 4, Number 1 features a special focus on challenges and opportunities for education administration in postconflict societies, an area of emphasis that threads through the podcast season.

Season 2

This season of Behind the Pages features exciting and timely conversations with authors from JEiE Volume 3, Number 1 about the contributions education may make to peacebuilding.

JEiE authors offer a range of analyses and approaches to this question, including insights related to social justice, reconciliation, inclusion, gender norms, and the importance of social cohesion. Three dynamic interview segments extend and humanize the research and fieldwork published in the JEiE issue.

Season 1

This inaugural season of the Behind the Pages podcast complements groundbreaking research articles and innovative field notes published in JEiE Volume 2, Number 1.

JEiE authors analyze educational programs for marginalized and vulnerable populations living in a wide range of circumstances of crisis or conflict, and examine resilience as a response to these emergency settings. Among other topics, five highly engaging interview segments address lessons from an approach centered on trauma and psychosocial support in Gaza; norms, violence, and girls' education in Afghanistan; and citizenship education in Mali.