Student Learning in Emergency Checklist (SLEC) - Palestine

ML CircleThe Student Learning in Emergency Checklist (SLEC) is a self-report survey that was designed to measure adolescents’ sense of safety, self-regulation, self-efficacy, social support, academic functioning, and feelings of hope. It is intended to provide data for program monitoring and evaluation purposes. 

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Evidence Snapshot

While evidence did not support the original version of the measure (namedPTS, version 1.0), there is promising evidence in support of the empirically derived structure of the SLEC-26 (version 2.0) measure. We are somewhat confident in the stability of the evidence, although the non-probability sampling may produce results that are unique to this dataset. We preliminarily recommend version 2.0 of this measure for its specified purpose(s) with attention to the additional recommended revisions. We also recommend additional testing of version 1.0 with attention to the recommended revisions.
territorio palestino ocupado
789 Palestinian students ages 12 - 16 who attended schools implementing the Norwegian Refugee Council’s Better Learning Program

Measure Snapshot

For what?
Supervisión del programa
About what?
Habilidades socioemocionales
Paper/Pencil format
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Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)
Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø

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June T. Forsberg, Jon-Håkon Schultz, Camilla Lodi, & Carly Tubbs Dolan


Social and Emotional Learning

Enfoque geográfico

occupied Palestinian territory


Program monitoring, Program evaluation

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Social-emotional Skills