Launch of Promising Practices in Teacher Professional Development, Well-being, Management, and School Leadership - 2nd Edition

Teacher Professional Development
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We are thrilled to share the second edition of Teachers in Crisis Contexts: Promising Practices in Teacher Professional Development, Well-being, Management, and School Leadership now accessible in 2 compilations:

Cover image - Teacher Professional DevelopmentThe transformative power of teachers as change-makers in their classrooms and communities is more evident now than ever. The detrimental effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing conflicts and crises across the globe have made clear the critical role of teachers in delivering quality, inclusive, and equitable education that supports student learning and well-being. Despite being the most important frontline responders and protectors for children and youth, teachers in crisis contexts face some of the most difficult teaching conditions, and yet they receive limited support and professional advancement opportunities. Thus, never before has the need for effective teacher professional development, management, well-being, or school leadership support been so profound. It is paramount that the Education in Emergencies sector shares and learns from promising policies, practices, and research approaches for supporting teachers in crisis contexts. 

Authored by researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers working in education in emergencies, the 42 case studies in this publication showcase promising practices in teacher professional development, well-being, management, and school leadership that represent a diversity of contexts, organizations and teacher profiles. 

This second edition includes eighteen new case studies, alongside twenty-four from the first edition published in 2019. It provides teachers, practitioners, policymakers, and donors with compelling examples of programs and practices that positively influence improvements in teachers’ work conditions and teaching practice. 

This compilation is available in Arabic, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish! 

As you engage with those most relevant to your context, work, or needs, we hope your own efforts are affirmed and that new insights are gained, informing better ways of working with and for teachers in crisis contexts everywhere.

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