Promising Practices in Teacher Professional Development

Teachers are at the heart of children and young peoples’ educational experiences. It is paramount that the Education in Emergencies sector shares and learns from promising policies, practices, and research approaches for supporting teachers in crisis contexts. 

Authored by researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers working in education in emergencies, the 42 case studies in this publication showcase promising practices in teacher professional development, well-being, management, and school leadership that represent a diversity of contexts, organizations and teacher profiles. 

This second edition includes eighteen new case studies, alongside twenty-four from the first edition published in 2019. It provides teachers, practitioners, policymakers, and donors with compelling examples of programs and practices that positively influence improvements in teachers’ work conditions and teaching practice. 

The case studies are organized in four thematic areas, divided into 2 documents: 

  1. Promising Practices in Teacher Professional Development [this document]
  2. Promising Practices in Teacher Well-being, Management, and School Leadership

Table of Contents

Critical education in emergencies module for teachers’ training institutes in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Dr. Cyril Brandt, Dr. Gauthier Marchais, Prof. Samuel Matabishi, Pamela Hajal

Peer to peer coaching for teachers as part of the Certified Master Trainer programme in Palestine
Abla Assaf

Quality and Innovation in Teachers Professional Development: lessons learnt and best practices facing the multiple crisis of the education system in Lebanon
Sabah Dakroub

Researching communicative approaches to English language teaching using peer ethnographic methods in Jordan’s refugee settings
Koula Charitonos, Betul Khalil, Cindy Bonfini-Hotlosz, Ben Webster, Tara Ross, Ahmed Salim, Ekhlass Abu Allan, and Miki Aristorenas 

Sustaining student learning in India through quality teacher support during the COVID-19 pandemic
Anju Saigal, Uma Kogekar, and Peggy Kong

Role of teachers in providing educational and allied support for the delivery of early childhood education (ECE) during COVID-19 in India
Pooja Pandey and Avinash Reddy

Fostering social and emotional learning through an adapted teacher professional development program in India
Sreehari Ravindranath PhD, Justin P. Jose, PhD, Annie Jacob

Towards better education: Lessons learned from COVID-19 in Lebanon
Dr. Mai Abu Moghli

Teacher professional development in the Rohingya refugee setting of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
Munia Islam Mozumder and Nora Charif Chefchaouni

ZEKU - A pathway to re-qualification for internationally trained (refugee) teachers in Austria
Lisa-Katharina Möhlen, Elvira Seitinger, Nizar Mousa

Mapping the expertise and skills of displaced Syrian teachers in Lebanon
Dr. Hana Addam El Ghali and Dr. Anna Riggall

Meeting the academic and social-emotional needs of Nigeria’s out-of-school children
Adane Miheretu

Teachers professional development: An inter-agency approach in Kenya
Casey Pearson

Teachers’ experiences with Pakistan Reading Project’s three-pronged teacher development model
Shahida Maheen

A co-designed blended approach for teacher professional development in contexts of mass displacement
Dr. Elaine Chase, Dr. Eileen Kennedy, Professor Diana Laurillard, Dr. Mai Abu Moghli, Dr. Tejendra Pherali, Dr. Maha Shuayb

Refugee educator foundations of practice: Supporting teachers in host countries & resettlement contexts to meet the needs of refugee students
Julie Kasper

Tawasol: A pilot project offering extended, online professional development for Syrian and Egyptian teachers in the Syrian informal learning sector in Egypt
Aya Sa’eed and Julie Kasper

Jusoor case study: An adaptive management approach to new teacher training in crisis contexts
Suha Tutunji

The proof is in the improvement: Using continuous quality improvement to engage teachers in Lebanon
Adham El Outa and Autumn Brown

Essence of learning: A 4-day training and ongoing mentorship for educators of Rohingya refugee children in Bangladesh
Andi Coombes and Oriana Ponta

Supervision and coaching models in Northwest Syria
Alaa Zaza

From small nudges to big gains in teacher professional development
Alaa Zaza

Equipping and activating teachers in Honduras to address school- based violence and other crises
Gustavo Payan

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