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Education as the weapon for the future: A qualitative study of education needs in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan

The people of the Nuba Mountains in Sudan have been under conflict for decades. This conflict has left the people of Nuba lacking many resources, including education support. Due to the nature of the conflict, access to the region is challenging. Still, the education organization, To Move Mountains (TMM), was able to conduct qualitative research with two communities within the conflict zone.

The study used direct observation, focus groups, and individual interviews to understand the effects of conflict and the desire for education among Nuba people. The qualitative study will be used with TMM's quantitative research to support the people of Nuba in creating a contextualized primary school curriculum and culturally appropriate pedagogy.   

معلومات عن المصدر



To Move Mountains


Anna Warren, Laura Manni and Ryan Boyette


Conflict Sensitive Education
Education and Fragility
Global Agendas - SDG, Education 2030, etc.