Roundtable Report & Concept Note: Health and Education in Conflict-Affected and Fragile Contexts

The INEE Working Group on Education and Fragility, in collaboration with the Health and Fragile States Network (HFSN), held a Roundtable Discussion entitled “Health and Education in Conflict-Affected and Fragile Contexts: Bridging the development gap and enhancing collaborations” on 31 May 2013 at the U. S. Institute of Peace. The objective of this Roundtable Discussion was to identify the gaps in collaboration and possible types of collaboration between the health and education sectors around shared issues in conflict-affected and fragile contexts in the post-2015 world. It brought together 30 experts and practitioners from both the health and education sectors, who discussed possible collaborations around governance, protection, and human resources. The report summarises discussions held on these three issues, and outlines conclusions and recommendations made in relation to inter-sectoral collaboration, research, and funding and advocacy. It also outlines the next steps agreed upon by the INEE Working Group on Education and Fragility and HFSN, and includes in its annexes the agenda and list of participants.

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