Private Sector Engagement in Education: Conflict-affected and Fragile Contexts

This paper was produced by the American Institute for Research as part of its engagement with the INEE Working Group on Education and Fragility. The growing contributions of the private corporations in corporate social responsibility put the spotlight on how private corporations are engaging in education sector initiatives in developing countries at a time when shrinking donor agency budgets were causing great consternation for the development community. The recognition of private corporations as a critical part of a country’s prosperity, peace and security not only legitimizes the role that private corporations play in a developing countries’ stability and success, it synthesizes the reasons why their involvement in the education sector should be actively yet cautiously courted and strategically used in conflict-affected and fragile contexts. The paper addresses three central questions: what are the narratives and practices around private sector engagement in education; how does that relate to conflict-affected and fragile contexts; and what are the critical considerations for the future?

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Research Publication



American Institutes for Research (AIR), Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE)


Grace Agyapoma Akukwe


Education and Fragility
Education Financing