More and Better: Global Action to Improve Funding, Support and Collaboration for Education in Emerge

Every child has the right to an education and that right should not be adversely affected by the fact that children fall victim to humanitarian crises. In every emergency, whether caused by conflict or natural disaster, children tell us that what they want most – alongside medicine, food and shelter – is the opportunity to go to school.

But for the vast majority of children caught up in emergencies, their education is at best interrupted and at worst never realised.

The UN Special Envoy for Education has thus called for a new dedicated funding mechanism for education in emergencies. This document provides a set of principles, identified by Save the Children, that can and should be advanced by the new mechanism:

  1. More and better funding: an increase in funding and effective implementation.
  2. More and better support: better planning and delivery.
  3. More and better collaboration and commitment: incentivise national and international education, development and humanitarian sectors working together.

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Nhan-O’Reilly, J.; Mason, C.


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