School-based psychosocial support for students in Gaza – A research informed framework for providing support and identifying needs in the aftermath of the 2023 war

Images of the mass murder in Israel and the terror bombing of Gaza have been filling the news with extreme and grotesque images of war, despair and large-scale loss of life. This text, written as the 2023 war is ongoing, offers reflections on how to provide school-based psychosocial support for children as soon as the situation can allow schools and temporary learning centers to open in Gaza. 

This is an ongoing humanitarian catastrophe. As of this writing, humanitarian efforts focus on saving lives and bringing an end to the war. Next, the focus will shift to meeting basic needs, providing medical help and building a sense of safety—and opening schools. In view of the specific context in Gaza and the severe lack of resources, serious difficulties can be expected in natural recovery for children and adolescents. All children in Gaza will need extra care and support. A considerable part of the essential help could be received at school—but that will require the return of teachers and students, for long-term presence. This will necessitate psychosocial support specifically tailored to students and educators.

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Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)
The Arctic University of Norway

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Jon-Håkon Schultz, Gerlinde Harb, Eva Alisic, June T. Forsberg, Safwat Diab, Karam Al-Shanti, Camilla Lodi


Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS)

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