Education in Emergencies Needs Assessment Package

The Guide to Coordinated Education in Emergencies Needs Assessment and Analysis is an initiative of the Global Education Cluster (GEC). It is an accompaniment to and provides a theoretical foundation for the Needs Assessment Package within the GEC’s broader Education Cluster Toolkit. This Guide, its Summary and the tools, templates, resources and examples in the Needs Assessment Package provide practical guidance for education in emergencies (EiE) staff as they plan, coordinate and conduct assessments and analyses in order to establish a sound evidence-base for the design and delivery of a quality EiE response.

The intent of this Guide is to improve and ease the process of gathering and generating evidence. Critical to this is ensuring that when possible, needs assessments are joint in nature, utilizing the individual and comparative strengths of multiple organizations. This considered, coordination mechanisms, starting with the Education Cluster, have a unique responsibility for leading their collective organizations in a joint assessment process.

This guide includes information to support coordinated approaches to assessments and analysis. It can be used across EiE contexts, so while it provides specific guidance for Education Cluster Teams, it can be used to guide the work of any coordination mechanism including EiE working groups, and those found in refugee scenarios.

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