Glossary Term

Transitional education plan

A national policy instrument, developed under the leadership and responsibility of state authorities (national or regional). In situations where longer-term planning or the implementation of an existing education sector plan (ESP) is compromised by contextual uncertainties, a TEP enables the state and its partners (development, humanitarian, and civil society) to develop a structured plan that will maintain progress towards ensuring the right to education and longer-term educational goals.

TEPs are generally three-year plans. They seek to address immediate needs and reduce the risk of future crises. TEPs include a strong focus on strengthening system capacity, with the aim of developing capacities for preparation of an ESP by the end of the TEP implementation period. TEPs do not necessarily cover the full education sector. They target a smaller number of priorities, and generally include a range of selected priorities that support the transition from emergency responses to longer-term development. TEPs require less time to prepare (generally less than 12 months).