LAUNCH: INEE Minimum Standards Indicator Framework

Education Sector Planning

We are thrilled to launch the new INEE Minimum Standards Indicator Framework!

This framework provides a way for education in emergency (EiE) stakeholders to demonstrate alignment with and progress towards the INEE Minimum Standards. Until now there has been no common set of indicators mapped against each standard; this tool fills that gap.

The indicators are not intended to be compulsory; they are examples of how projects and activities might demonstrate how the INEE Minimum Standards are being employed within their programming. Most donors and organizations have their own sets of indicators and requirements, and INEE is not advocating to replace these. This framework draws from existing indicator lists (including Education Cannot Wait (ECW), European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO), the Global Education Cluster, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), UNESCO, Teachers in Crisis Contexts), and proposes new indicators where there are gaps.

The INEE Minimum Standards Indicator Framework has been designed with flexibility and contextualisation in mind. It can be used by implementers and donors alike, at any stage of the program cycle. The intention is for EiE stakeholders to adapt the framework for their own use and context, while still working under the overall framework of the INEE Minimum Standards. Each user can decide what information is most relevant to collect and share for their own use, or for reporting to donors and/or emergency-affected communities. 

Indicators are only as good as a user’s understanding of what is being measured and why. To that end, we take this opportunity to highlight a couple tools that will help users engage more effectively with the INEE Minimum Standards Indicator Framework: 

Example drawn from the INEE Minimum Standards Indicator Framework
  1. Education in Emergencies Competency Framework;
  2. Education in Emergencies online course, developed by Save the Children, in collaboration with INEE, Plan International, and other international development partners.

Quality measurement tools are also essential to the effectiveness of the indicators, and within the framework, there are some example measurement tools listed. If you know of other tools that would complement the framework, please email

Finally, during the first half of 2021, we will be launching a piloting process for this framework. Stay tuned to INEE communications channels to learn how you can contribute to the next stage in this M&E journey. Meanwhile, we count on feedback from practitioners to ensure that this tool is practical, relevant, and effective, so don’t hesitate to send us feedback and suggestions to 

This resource is available in Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Please share the INEE Minimum Standards Indicator Framework widely with your networks!