Assessment of Teacher Competencies in Crisis Contexts - Afghanistan

The present study has four goals 1) Characterizing a framework for teaching competencies in crisis contexts in Afghanistan, 2) Generating valid and reliable instruments to assess this framework, 3) Assess teachers’ needs and competencies based on classroom observations and self-reports, and  4) Identify how contextual and individual teaching characteristics are associated with teachers’ competencies, and 5) Understand the lived experiences of teachers working in contexts of crisis. 

Tools to measure teacher wellbeing are provided in the annexes of this report. The tools include, for example, "Survey Assessment of Teacher Competencies in Crisis Contexts," (p. 64) which has a specific section on "Teacher's Role and Well-being" (Part B). This tool is a self-administered tool that allows teachers to evaluate their feelings of self-efficacy, work-related stress, and self care, among other topics.

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Students in classroom (Afghanistan)

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