Education Key Indicators and Questions for Covid-19 Assessment

This document contains suggested key indicators and examples of questions aiming to asses severity of the impact of Covid-­19 on education systems and children ́s learning, as well as the current capacity to continue learning activities.

Any assessment conducted should be according to an assessment framework with a clear purpose, rationale and research questions. The methodology selected for an assessment will depend on the particular context, including whether direct data collection is safe or remote data collection is possible. For any assessment, the suggested questions must be adapted to the context, considering what is useful and relevant given the Covid situation and the potential response of Education authorities and partners.This may include removing response options and keeping questions open-­‐ended for focus group discussions,where an assessment is small-­‐scale and little is known about the situation. Suggested questions allow for data to be collected at three different levels depending on the assessment methodology used:

  • Key Informant: education authorities, cluster partners, community focal points(reporting on the situation across a village, town or other defined area)
  • Households(reporting on the situation for caregivers and children)
  • Schools(reporting on the situation in individual education facilities)

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