SEL and PSS Measurement and Assessment Tools in Education in Emergencies: Identifying, Analyzing, and Mapping Tools to Global Guidance Documents

In order to achieve SDG 4 by 2030, a sector-wide shift is needed from an exclusive focus on access towards a recognition of access AND learning, that is access to quality and equitable learning opportunities. This requires a shared understanding of quality and equitable learning outcomes and an alignment of measurement and assessment tools across actors within the Education in Emergencies (EiE) sector and across the humanitarian-development nexus. 

To facilitate such an understanding and alignment, the INEE Quality and Equitable Learning Outcomes (QELO) work stream within the INEE Education Policy Working Group (EPWG) commissioned two mapping exercises:

  • [This paper] A mapping of  Social and Emotional Learning and Psychosocial Support (SEL and PSS) which covers programmatic measurement approaches, global measurement frameworks, assessment tools, and monitoring and results frameworks, with the aim to map what quality and equitable education in emergencies constitutes and how it can be assessed at the program and individual learning levels, as well as to inform on the linkages between measurement at the programme or national level and global measurement frameworks.
    • Chapter 1 of the paper illustrates the alignment between research, monitoring, programmatic and policy activities in the field of SEL/PSS for EiE. The primary elements explored are guidance documents, measurement and assessment tools, and programmatic approaches. 
    • Chapter 2 provides background information on SEL/PSS, particularly for conflict and crisis-affected settings 
    • Chapter 3 provides an overview of the methodology
    • Chapter 4 provides the findings, including survey results, qualitative findings. visual analyses and tools, validation and cost information, and a discussion of progress in measuring global goals.
    • Chapter 5  includes a set of profiles of measurement and assessment tools
    • Chapter 6 includes a summary tables for looking across measurement and assessment tools and guidance documents
    • Chapter 7 includes a set of profiles on programmatic approaches to SEL and PSS
  • A mapping of measurement and assessment approaches for academic learning in conflict and crisis along the same lines as the SEL and PSS mapping.

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Harvard Graduate School of Education, Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE)

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Stephanie M. Jones, Rebecca Bailey, Sonya Temko, Melissa Donaher, Natasha Raisch,Thelma Ramirez


Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS)
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