Emerging Issues Teacher Training Programme - Sierra Leone

In 2008, UNICEF, together with the Sierra Leone Ministry of Education and the national Teacher Training institutions, developed a behaviour change programme for teachers entitled “Emerging Issues.” The course covers a range of topics, including human rights, citizenship, peace, environment, reproductive health, drug abuse, gender equity, and disaster management. The course also includes methodology topics like education theory, classroom management, and teachers as agents of change. Users can adapt this course material to other settings, noting that the materials should be sequenced in a way that progressively builds understanding and skills. Click to download a zip file of all of the course materials, or download individual files. Pre-service Emerging Issues 1st Year Pre-service Emerging Issues 2nd Year Pre-service Emerging Issues 3rd Year Pre-service Teachers Guide 1st Year Pre-service Teachers Guide 2nd Year Pre-service Teachers Guide 3rd Year Distance Education Emerging Issues 1st Year Distance Education Emerging Issues 2nd Year Distance education Emerging Issues 3rd Year In-service Intensive Course on Emerging Issues In-service Trainers Guide on Emerging Issues