Play Opportunities for Wellness and Education Resource

Play is critical to children’s social and emotional development and learning – especially in crisis.

The Play Opportunities for Wellness and Education Resource (P.O.W.E.R.) is a collection of 100 gender-responsive play-based learning activities created to support parents, teachers, coaches, social workers and others to promote children's learning and development.

The 100 games are available as animated videos and short PDF manuals. They support girls and boys to develop holistic life skills like communication, empathy, creativity and confidence; promote psychosocial well-being; teach children how to process difficult emotions; and show them how to be inclusive of peers of all backgrounds, genders, and abilities.

The games are designed for children of varying ages, and are meant to be played in classrooms, community settings, or at home, with few to no materials required. Each game includes a play-based activity with one key learning, and guidance for how to encourage girls and boys to reflect on what they’ve learned, connect it to their own experiences, and apply it in their lives.

This is the first time that Right To Play has open-sourced its games for broad use. Our goal is to empower teachers, coaches, parents and educators everywhere to use the power of play to enhance children’s learning and help them develop the life skills they need to succeed in today’s world.

The complete collection of game videos can be found on YouTube here.

La collection complète de vidéos de jeux en français est disponible sur YouTube ici.

YouTube يمكن العثور على المجموعة الكاملة من أشرطة الفيديو الخاصة بالالعاب باللغة العربية هنا على

If you have questions about these resources, or would like a print-ready version of the games manual, please contact

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