International Day

EiE Events on International Day of the Girl 2021

6 — 15 Octubre 2021

October 11 is International Day of the Girl! In observance, many INEE partners have planned events to advocate for increased awareness of gender inequality in education and promote gender-responsive education.  

Below are listed, in chronological order, a few events that are relevant to gender equity, girls’ education, and education in emergencies around International Day of the Girl. If you would like to include any additional events on this list, please reach out to


Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Taking action to reduce data gaps on gender and inclusion: the view from data users

Equal Measures 2030 event
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Organizer: Equal Measures 2030

Date: October 6 at 9am UTC-5 (Bogota) | 2pm UTC (Dakar) | 7pm UTC+5 (Islamabad)

Equal Measures 2030 is convening a webinar in the context of the UN World Data Forum that explores how demand-driven partnerships have addressed gender data and accountability gaps. The webinar will highlight good practices and lessons in establishing data collaboratives or partnerships with women’s and girls’ rights organizations that have explored addressing gender data needs in relation to different themes (e.g., education, health, violence, etc.) and efforts to address or close these data gaps.

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Thursday, October 7, 2021

Meeting the Moment: New Data on Learning Loss and What We Can Do About It

Meeting the Moment event
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Organizer(s): Population Council’s Evidence for Gender and Education Resource (EGER)

Date: October 7 at 9am UTC-5 (Bogota) | 2pm UTC (Dakar) | 7pm UTC+5 (Islamabad) 

The Population Council’s Evidence for Gender and Education Resource (EGER) program is thrilled to invite you to a virtual webinar on learning loss during the COVID-19 pandemic. The webinar will present striking new data on learning loss during COVID-19 from Kenya, Nepal, and Bangladesh, how teaching at the right level is critical as schools reopen, and long term implications of learning loss and recovery. 

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Monday, October 11, 2021

Girls Breaking the Digital Divide in South Asia

Organizer(s): UNICEF Regional Office for South Asia, Plan International 

Date: October 10 at 11:45pm UTC-5 (Bogota) and October 11am at 4:45am UTC (Dakar) | 9:45am UTC+5 (Islamabad) | 10:30am UTC+5:45 (Kathmandu)

In this intergenerational consultation Community of Action partners will speak about their experiences and challenges that they faced during the pandemic. This will be followed by a session on sharing best practices from UNFPA, UN Women, Safetipin, ITU and others. The event will also launch a regional hour of code resource page in collaboration with ITU and so girls and boys around the region can learn how to code and access unplugged materials on coding.

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Virtual Interactive Dialogue

Organizer(s): UNICEF Bangladesh

Date: October 11 at 12am UTC-5 (Bogota) | 5am UTC (Dakar) | 10am UTC+5 (Islamabad) | 11am UTC +6  (Bangladesh Standard Time)
To celebrate this year’s International Day of Girl, UNICEF Bangladesh plans to organize a national dialogue in partnership with Development Partners of the Local Consultative Working Group on Women’s Advancement and Gender Equality (LCG-WAGE) and child rights organizations. The focus of this event will be on ‘Empowerment of Girl Child: Use of ICT for Education and Social Skill Development.’  Check back for updated information here.


Girls’ voices for girls’ empowerment: Interactive, intergenerational roundtable

Organizer(s): Dubai Expo

Date: October 11 at 3am UTC-5 (Bogota) | 7am UTC (Dakar) | 11am UTC+4 (Dubai) | 12pm UTC+5 (Islamabad)

This hybrid virtual and in-person event will be hosted by the Dubai Expo and brings together girl advocates from the Middle East and North Africa to speak with women leaders from the region and Save the Children CEO, Gwen Hines as part of the Expo’s outlier series. The event will feature interactive artivism (art+activism) and discursive storytelling with high-profile and influential stakeholders focused on the impact of gender-based violence, including child marriage on girls’ access to education. It will conclude with a call to action and pledges for support. Check back for updated information here.

Girlhood un-interrupted: Asia and the Pacific youth-adolescent dialogue

Date: October 11 4:30am UTC-5 (Bogota) | 9:30am UTC (Dakar) | 2:30pm UTC+5 (Islamabad)
This event featuring young influencers from the region in discussion with girl advocates from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal about overcoming barriers to gender inequality and the impacts of COVID-19 on girls. It will be broadcast on Facebook Live and include a live Q&A with panelists. Check back for updated information here.


#AfricaEducatesHer: Reflections from stakeholders on girls accessing learning during school closures

AfricaEducatesHer event
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Organizer(s): AU/CIEFFA

Date: October 11 at 6am UTC-5 (Bogota) | 11am UTC (Dakar) | 4pm UTC+5 (Islamabad)

This meeting is an opportunity for stakeholders working within the African education sector to reflect on the situation of girls’ and women’s education in Africa, a year into the #AfricaEducatesHer campaign and to share on actions taken to ensure girls and young women return to school and continue learning during and post COVID-19 related school closures and disruptions.

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Roundtable discussion - financing for girls' education in Eastern, Southern and Horn of Africa

Organizer(s): UNGEI

Date: 11 October 7am UTC-5 (Bogota) | 12pm UTC (Dakar) | 5 UTC+5 (Islamabad)
One of the large barriers stopping girls from accessing their fundamental right to education is lack of financing for programs that actively support girls' education journey and opportunities for finishing basic education and accessing post-primary programs. The objectives of the high-level round table are to:

  • Brainstorm solutions for gender-responsive budgeting and innovative sustainable financing for girls' education, with a specific focus on post-primary education
  • Advocate for continued financing to ensure girls stay and complete their school journeys

Panelists include representatives from UNICEF, UNHCR, UNGEI, FAWE, Plan International, GPE, FCDO, ECW and Mastercard Foundation.
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#GirlsUnite to shape the EU-AU Partnership

Organizers: DSW Youth Can, EPF for Sexual & Reporductive Rights, IPPF, ONE Gilr, Plan International, End FGM, Save the Children, World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts and World Vision EU Representation, under the patronage of the European Parliament

Date: 11 October at 7am UTC-5 (Bogota) | 12pm UTC (Dakar) | 5 UTC+5 (Islamabad)

The coalition of 9 NGOs organising the European Week of Action for Girls (EWAG) is delighted to invite you to a virtual event where the EWAG young advocates will discuss the Partnership between the European Union (EU) and African Union (AU) with key speakers from both the EU and the AU. What’s the focus of the event? Ensuring that girls’ rights are a priority within the Partnership. Join us to hear from our young advocates and speakers.

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"Here's what I think..." an audience with the girls of the Girls' Education Challenge

Organizer(s): Girls’ Education Challenge, UNGEI

Date: October 11 at 7.30am UTC-5 (Bogota) | 12.30pm UTC (Dakar) | 5.30pm UTC+5 (Islamabad)

On International Day of the Girl 2021, the Girls’ Education Challenge, in collaboration with UNGEI, will be holding a live event where girls supported by our projects will share their views and experiences on the importance – and challenges – of girls’ education. We will hear from the girls directly on the obstacles they have faced in accessing education, particularly during COVID-19, the ways these obstacles have been tackled, their aspirations and hopes for the future. They will also share their messages to global leaders on ensuring education for all girls.
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Digital Generation. Our Generation: Learning in the era of COVID-19

Organizer(s): UNESCO, Plan International, French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs

Date and time: October 11 at 7.30am UTC-5 (Bogota) | 12.30pm UTC (Dakar) | 5.30pm UTC+5 (Islamabad)

This event, organized by UNESCO in partnership with Plan International and the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs celebrates International Day of the Girl 2021. This year’s theme, ‘Digital Generation. Our Generation’ recognizes the profound transformations that have taken place in the last year as many countries turned towards high-tech education to ensure continuity of learning during the COVID-19 pandemic and what this means for girls, who due to the gender digital divide are more likely than boys to be missing out on precious learning opportunities. Putting young people front and center, this event explores how to close gendered digital access and skills gaps, support safe online spaces, and leverage the power of technology to advance education, adolescent girls’ and women’s leadership and gender equality to ensure that girls are empowered to maximize their potential both online and offline.

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Girls Speak Out! Closing the Digital Divide to Accelerate Opportunity

Digital Generation event
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Organizers: UN Women, UNICEF, UNFPA

Date: October 11 at at 9am UTC-5 (Bogota) | 2pm UTC (Dakar) | 7pm UTC+5 (Islamabad)

A Girl-led roundtable discussion with UN Representatives and Partners on "Closing the Digital Divide to Accelerate Opportunity." Girl activists and girl advocates will participate in a virtual roundtable designed to deliver unscripted and authentic dialogue between girl leaders, their partners, and other decision makers involved in addressing the digital divide. In a candid girl-led conversation among girl activists, UN agency representatives, leaders, and private sector stakeholders, girls will share how they are impacted by the digital divide and engage in meaningful dialogues around existing innovative solutions and additional resources they need to be able to fully engage in an ever-increasingly digital-dependent world. The discussion will also provide space for key stakeholders to share how they are using their influence to close the gender digital divide.

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Step outside the gender box: learning free from stereotypes

Organizer(s): UNGEI

Date and time: October 11 at 9am UTC-5 (Bogota) | 2pm UTC (Dakar) | 7pm UTC+5 (Islamabad)

This International Day of the Girl, join UNGEI and partners in launching a global digital campaign calling for the removal of gender stereotypes from textbooks and classrooms to advance gender equality in education. This campaign will make the case for shifting gender stereotypes in education plans, policies, textbooks and curricula, in order to reduce inequalities in education and achieve gender justice more broadly.

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#GirlsGetLoud Campaign

Organizer(s): She's the First

Girls Get Loud is a social media challenge organized by She’s the First for International Day of the Girl on October 11. Instead of talking about girls, the Girls Get Loud campaign gives girls platform to self-advocate for the rights they feel most strongly about. You can read more about the campaign here and find Social media kit here


Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Charlevoix in action: Transforming girls’ education in emergencies in Africa

Organizer(s): Equal Measures 2030 and INEE

Date: October 13 at at 8am UTC-5 (Bogota) | 1pm UTC (Dakar) | 6pm UTC+5 (Islamabad)

Meet us for a virtual conversation as we celebrate International Day of the Girl Child. EM2030 and INEE, together with our partners Initiative Pananetugri pour le Bien Etre de la Femme (IPBF) and the Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE), will share experiences on how we have used data-driven advocacy to shape policy and programming on education in emergencies (EiE).

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What does gender-responsive social protection have to do with climate change? 

Organizer(s): FCDO and UNICEF Innocenti

Date: October 13 at 9am UTC-5 (Bogota) | 2pm UTC (Dakar) | 7pm UTC+5 (Islamabad)

Social protection plays a crucial role in securing household and gender-equitable security and responding to shocks. Our panel of leading experts on gender, climate change and social protection will investigate how social protection policies and programmes have addressed climate change impacts and how gender-responsive and age-sensitive these responses are.

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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Introduction to NEW INEE Training Materials on Gender 

Organizer(s): INEE

Date: October 14 at 8am UTC-5 (Bogota) | 1pm UTC (Dakar) | 6pm UTC+5 (Islamabad)

This interactive webinar will provide an introduction and overview of INEE’s new Gender Training Manual. Presentations will include information on the development process and ways to use the training materials.

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Friday, October 15, 2021

2021 National Girls Education Forum

Organizer(s): Education Coalition of Zimbabwe (ECOZI)

Date: October 15 at at 1am UTC-5 (Bogota) | 6am UTC (Dakar) | 11am UTC+5 (Islamabad)

“The Education Coalition of Zimbabwe (ECOZI) will commemorate this year’s International Day of the Girl Child through a one day ‘National Girls Education’  forum. The forum will be held in line with the 2021 global theme for the Day of the Girl Child, which is "Digital generation. Our generation." The Forum discussion will focus on discussing challenges, lessons and opportunities for harnessing girls’ education during the new normalcy of digital learning. Adolescent girls will be sharing their experiences and participating in the event, through the support of national partners, including Plan International Zimbabwe.

The event will utilize extracts from the following videos to start discussions in the in-country event, so remote participants are invited to watch them before the session. Please see: Amacala and Umjolo. Please join to hear more!

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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Girl Child and the Cyberspace

Organizer(s): Impact Her World Foundation, MUG Foundation

Date: October 21 at 5am UTC-5 (Bogota) | 10am UTC (Dakar) | 1pm UTC+3 (Nairobi) | 3pm UTC+5 (Islamabad)

The evolution of technology in the 21st century has provided great prospects for human development. However, there is an increase in the use if the cyberspace in perpetuating crimes and intimidating people. The girl child more than ever has become more vulnerable to cyber bullying, blackmail, body shaming and equally sexual harassment. The goal of the event is to spotlight these issues, share experiences and develop action plan for the future.