Adolescent Girls' Consultation Toolkit

The Adolescent Girls' Consultation Toolkit provides practical tools and tips for consulting with diverse adolescent girls, their families and their communities, for any type of programming. It is intended to lay a foundation to build a common understanding and coordinated approach to creating a participatory space to engage adolescents and adults in all their diversity and other key stakeholders on the aspirations, challenges, needs and priorities of Adolescent Girls and Young Women.

It includes three main components covering the entire consultations process:

  1. general tips and techniques for preparing for consultations with adolescent girls, including adapting tools
  2. guidance on managing the consultation process, including managing inputs and facilitating team debriefs
  3. an overview of the data processing and analysis phase, as well as an initial community share-back process.

The toolkit is primarily intended to support development practitioners, government, civil society, technical staff (e.g., gender equality, education, health, protection, economic empowerment, monitoring and evaluation), as well as program and business development managers responsible for or supporting primary data collection and analysis exercises. The toolkit can be adapted for use in different contexts and during different processes, including program design, intersectional gender assessment as well as other sector assessments, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and research processes.

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