Community Help for Inclusive Learning and Development

Early in the pandemic, IGATE-T Project partners — World Vision, CARE, and The Open University — realised that most children in their target communities did not have household access to online learning, mobile-internet, TV, or radio. The project couldn’t even distribute print materials during the lockdown. They wondered if it might be possible to remotely recruit and support a small number of ‘Champions’ of girls education, via their mobile phones.

The research team designed the study to support impact through knowledge-exchange by providing a detailed account of both the approach taken and learnings from the experience. The study focused on programme facilitation at different levels and the attitudes, practices, and learnings of the champions as they reflected upon their work

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Tom Power, Alison Buckler, Margaret Ebubedkle, Martha Tengenesha, America Ndlovu, Jane Mukoyi, Mashudu Ndou, Simbarashe Mubaira


Inclusive Education
Community Participation