Introducing! New INEE Country Focal Points, 2024-2026

Humanitarian Sectors - Education

We are excited to introduce the 2024 INEE Country Focal Points! 

CFPs are key reference persons at country level who support networking and communication, particularly through the facilitation of information exchange among INEE members. INEE CFPs have a wide range of backgrounds and areas of expertise, and have demonstrated a commitment to education in emergencies work, and to promoting the values, priorities, and activities of INEE. The CFPs represent the geographic and linguistic diversity of the broader network. 

From among more than 150 applicants, 32 INEE members representing 26 countries have been selected as INEE Country Focal Points (CFP) for the period of March 2024 - February 2026. 


Current INEE Country Focal Points:

  1. Bolivia - Martin Villarroel Garcia, 
  2. Brazil - Mara Rute Lima Hercelin,
  3. Burkina Faso - Saidou Dialla,
  4. Cameroon - Bana Barka,; Suzanne Justie Mecheh,; and Quinta Alemanjoh, 
  5. Chad - Kola Ousmane, 
  6. Colombia - Hernando José Macias, 
  7. Democratic Republic of the Congo - Josaphat Byadunia, 
  8. Ethiopia - Eyueil Abate Demissie, 
  9. Greece - Irini Spyrelli, 
  10. Guinea Bissau - Dautarin Monteiro da Costa,
  11. Haiti - Kenson Fleuraguste, 
  12. India - Priyanka Upreti, 
  13. Italy - Fabiana Maglio, 
  14. Jordan - Sahar Bani Mustafa, 
  15. Mexico - Pedro Tena,; and Catalina Moreno, 
  16. Niger - Hamidou Garba Hima, 
  17. Nigeria - Ifedinma Nwigwe, 
  18. Pakistan - Khatira Abdul Samad, 
  19. Palestine - Wahid Jubran, 
  20. Portugal - Júlio Santos, 
  21. South Sudan - Wudu John Godi, 
  22. Spain - Mikel Egibar, 
  23. Sudan - Ibrahim Adam Idris, 
  24. Syria - Hamza Yosif, 
  25. Türkiye - Özgenur Korlu, 
  26. Venezuela - Carmen América Affigne,; and Luis Claros, 
  27. Yemen - Ahmed Al-Qadhi,; and Beirut Almflhi, 

Read the full profiles of the CFPs, as well as details about their roles, ways to engage with them, and more about the overall initiative on the INEE website.


Read about the results and accomplishments of past CFPs on the INEE Blog.



Staggered CFP cohorts going forward

To ensure a smooth transition and sharing of knowledge and experience among CFPs, some CFPs from the 2022-2024 cohort were selected to continue for an additional year through February 2025. In the last quarter of each year, including in late 2024, the CFP selection process will open again for a new two-year cohort (e.g. 2025-2027), thus ensuring a continued overlap of experienced and new CFPs.

New CFP country teams

With the selection of the new 2024-2026 CFP cohort, INEE is piloting -  in Cameroon, Mexico, Spain, Venezuela, and Yemen - a cooperative CFP model where more than one CFP is active in the country. These “teams” are non-hierarchical and engage in a coordinated and collaborative manner to meet the needs of INEE members in their countries. CFP teams exist where CFPs work in different regions and even languages (e.g. Cameroon), thereby extending the reach of the CFP initiative in each country. In each of these countries, a continuing CFP is working with and mentoring a new CFP, which will ensure continuity and the passing along of knowledge and contacts.

Ways to engage with INEE CFPs

We encourage you to contact the CFP in your country, if relevant, to: 

  1. Submit questions you may have on ways to engage as an INEE member. 
  2. Share country and regional-level EiE resources, tools, events, and other information, so it can be disseminated both in country and to the broader network.
  3. Suggest ideas for thematic, country, regional, and/or audience-specific webinars or discussions you would like INEE to organize. (Be ready to volunteer!)
  4. Send thoughts and ideas for how the INEE Country Focal Point could engage with existing INEE members and recruit new members at the country level. 
  5. Invite your CFP to present about INEE and participate in EiE-focused meetings or events in your country.

Please join us in welcoming this new cohort of CFPs! And don't hesitate to contact with any queries or suggestions you may have related to INEE member engagement.