INEE Member Spotlight: Suha Tutunji

Location:   Lebanon Headshot author

Job title: Refugee Education Academic Director


Introduce yourself to other members. Tell us who you are and summarize the work you do or interest you have in EiE.  

I work for an NGO in Lebanon that provides education to Syrian refugees and scholarship opportunities for both High school and University students. Working in EiE has been the most significant move in my career, mainly because this area is where one can mostly positively affect the wellbeing of refugees. Seeing the change in their lives makes it worth my while!

What has been a highlight of your work as a professional in EiE? Feel free to share a personal story.  

The highlight of my work is when I encounter our graduates, who studied with us in a modest tent, with limited resources, make it to universities and find decent jobs. These jobs have caused a positive ripple effect to the rest of the community!

When and why did you join INEE, and what is the value of INEE membership to you?  

I joined INEE in 2015. The tools and resources that are on the INEE website have helped me run workshops for teachers which empower them to later continue their professional development in teaching. The networking enabled through INEE has also enriched my career and opened learning and sharing channels all over the world. Go INEE!!!!

How do you currently engage with the INEE network? 

I always receive news and share it with colleagues all over. I attend webinars and have also given some myself. I am part of the TiCC working group.

How would you like INEE members to connect and engage with you? What skills, experience and/or technical support would you be willing to share or provide to other members and/or INEE Secretariat?  

The best way to connect and engage is through emails. I am willing to help in any aspect related to teaching in the EiE context. 

Anything else you want to share with members?  

Keep up the good work out there. Don't give up!

*Published on July 2023.

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