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Information for Book Reviewers

Book reviews offer important insights on recently published or upcoming books that contribute to the education in emergencies (EiE) evidence base, or clarify or help develop the field.

Sharing a New Book

Please share your new book (published within the last two years) with the Journal on Education in Emergencies. Books should focus on one or more dimensions of EiE. Kindly send two copies of your book for review consideration to:

Journal on Education in Emergencies
c/o Dana Burde
246 Greene St., Rm 312W
New York, New York 10003 USA  

Book Review Submission

The Book Review Editor seeks individuals well qualified by research interests and publications to review books in their areas of expertise. JEiE does not accept unsolicited reviews. If you are interested in being considered as a reviewer, kindly express your interest and send your CV to

Notes for Reviewers

Thank you for agreeing to review a recent book for the Journal on Education in Emergencies. Our conventions are as follows:

  • Please submit the review as an email attachment in MS Word for Windows to
  • The word limit for a review is usually 800 words, unless it is a co-authored review (1,000 words) or a review article (which discusses several titles, 1,500 words).
  • When quoting from the book under review, please follow the "author-date" style of The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition. If you quote directly from the text, please always include a page number after the quote, e.g. (p. 12). It is not necessary to give page numbers if not quoting directly.
  • You are welcome to refer to other published works in your book review, but please do not over-cite. Click here for additional guidance on the "author-date" style mentioned above. Please note that this style is distinct from the footnotes and bibliography citation format of The Chicago Manual of Style. In-text citations must have a corresponding entry in the list of references.
  • Be concise, clear, and intentional with your language. Avoid repetition or overly complex and technical language.

Please head the review as follows:

Book Review

The Outcast Majority: War, Development, and Youth in Africa by Marc Sommers.
Athens, Georgia: University of Georgia Press, 2015. ix + 248 pages 
$74.95 (HARDCOVER), $26.95 (PAPER) 
ISBN 978-0-8203-4885-8

Please end the review in this way:

Kylie Garner
New York University
The views expressed here are the author’s and do not represent New York University.

For permission to reuse, please contact

We are grateful for your time, effort, and expertise in writing this book review. Kindly consider these tips as you prepare your submission.  

  • Please start the review with a concise summary of the work’s main points including subject matter, structure, and argument. 
  • If the book is an edited volume, please identify overarching themes rather than providing a summary of each work. 
  • Please provide context for the book in relation to the field to which it is contributing. In particular, please reflect on its potential interest and use for scholars and practitioners in the field of education in emergencies. 
  • Please provide coherent analysis that leads to a fair-minded evaluation of the book.