[NEW RESOURCE] Centering the Learner for Greater Transformation

Levels of Learning - Early Childhood Development

We are delighted to share a new policy brief on Centering the Learner for Greater Transformationcover image of the brief

This brief explores theory and practice on transformative education approaches and their effects on pre-primary and primary-age children’s wellbeing and learning processes in crises. It also introduces creativity-based pedagogies and emphasizes creativity’s importance in achieving transformative learning. Ultimately, this brief is intended to generate reflections and debate on the concept of inclusive and equitable quality education. 

This brief also summarizes the main findings from a review of a selection of transformative education interventions in emergency contexts, and offers recommendations for expanding the notion of quality education in crisis contexts to include transformative pedagogies that foster psychosocial wellbeing, promote social and emotional learning, and create contextually relevant education. 

This resource is a free and open source global good and should be contextualized for use in alignment with local needs, norms, and values. It is available in English, Arabic, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. We encourage you to share it widely! 

If you have questions or feedback about this resource, please contact Maria Benavides at maria.benavides@inee.org.